Holiday Travel Guide. Download the full Holiday Travel Guide here.

Check out AARP Fraud Watch Network. This free resource, online at, provides free resources that empower and educate consumers about staying safe from scams and fraud, such as travel and vacation scams. Contact the AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline at 877-908-3360 if you think your or a loved one may have spotted or fallen victim to a scam.

Better Business Bureau Consumer Tips. Check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which offers a tips page to educate consumers on how to avoid costly and painful scams when booking hotels online. Access the tips here.

Infographic. Download the full Search Smarter infographic here.

Online Travel Agencies. Did you know most OTAs are owned by one of two companies? Download an infographic explaining the consolidation in the online travel agency market here.

File a Complaint. If you've ever been scammed by a third-party travel website when booking a hotel room, you can file a complaint here.

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